January 7, 2011

Wm. J. Mills & Co. Laptop Carryall

A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to get my hands on some fantastic bags from Wm. J. Mills & Co. Since each of these bags serves a different purpose I wanted to spend some time with them, using them for what they were made for before I posted about them. (I took the Jitney Cargo on a test run last fall and it did not disappoint.) I've been carrying the Laptop Carryall as a work bag daily since October. My recommendation? Get one. It is what it says it is. I normally carry my laptop (in a padded sleeve), notebooks, pens, a couple of books, and random mail. It doesn't hold as much as my last waxed messenger bag but I'm glad because that bag was constantly cluttered with stuff I shouldn't have been carrying around every day. Like the other Mills bags, it has hefty zippers and great details. I like the "sewn" look of the Mills line, and the contrast of the navy and natural on my particular bag gives it a casual feel that lends itself well to the dynamic of my workplace. The first month that I carried the Laptop Carryall there wasn't a day that went by during which someone did not comment on it. Fine with me. I like to tell stories.

Additional Note: Please check out Mister Mort's super cool stonewashed version here.


  1. Thanks for your thoughtful review. It is so refreshing to see a blog that actually test drives what they recommend. I see you figured out our naming convention. A bag called a "carry-all", does just that. The "cargo bag" is the same. Next month we will release our vintage "dry bags" based on Mr. Mills' oil cloth designs of old. As an outdoors type, you'll love the Dry bag series....we hope.

  2. I have the above laptop bag and the duffel, I love them both dearly. Amazing bags!

  3. Can't wait to see the Dry Bags! Expecting greatness!

  4. Note if you will that the zippers are not of the coil variety - the zippers used are the best type ever, and will not fail where coil zippers will.

    These sorts of detail choices are what indicate to me that the mfr knows quality and respects their customer.