October 29, 2011

When in Charleston: A Stop At Ben Silver

If Charleston is the Holy City, then the Ben Silver shop is the Holy of Holies. My family and I just returned from our annual pilgrimage to my favorite southern city and although I've stopped at the legendary King Street establishment before, seeing the store set for Fall/Winter was a completely new experience for me. Somehow, I didn't get shots of the stacks of authentic Shetland sweaters and wool town coats but suffice it to say, this place is so much more impressive than you can imagine from their website. When a gentleman finds himself in Charleston, he should consider this stop a must.
 Panel caps were everywhere as were collegiate and regimental scarves.
 Mostly Alden with some Crockett & Jones for good measure.
 More regimental and emblematic ties than I could keep up with. This London Wasps is a favorite.

 Their blazers are the best-fitting I've ever tried.

Blazer badges (and some barely visible buttons.)