December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve, Tulsa, 1957

I recommend watching this without audio. It's just better that way.

December 30, 2010

Glengarry Look: Darts & Draught

  • J. Press University Stripe (Wine) OCBD
  • J. Crew Lambswool Sweater
  • Levi's 505 (USA)
  • Barrons-Hunter ribbon belt
  • Timex on old Eddie Bauer leather strap
  • L.L. Bean "Ranger Mocs"
  • L.L. Bean Baxter State Parka
  • Tweed Cap
Last night saw supper and games with coworkers at McNamara's Pub here in Nashville. I'm normally a Fish & Chips guy but I went with the Bangers & Mash with Smithwick's. (The B. and Mash was excellent. I hear the Corned Beef and the Shepherd's Pie are also both great.) Once full, we headed upstairs for team Cricket play (and a tad more Smithwick's.) My team score is on the left below:

Glengarry Table Topper (or How To Impress Your Mother-In-Law In A Pinch)

Our centerpiece for Christmas dinner was a last minute project for me. I've had these antlers from a 2005 opening day buck sitting around just waiting for something like this. I spray painted them white a little while back thinking they could be useful for something like this. Found some candles in a cabinet. I cut the evergreen sprigs and wild berries on our property a few minutes before family started showing up. (Below: I had to knock the snow off of them before I brought them in.)

December 26, 2010

Family Parking

December 20, 2010

Bucket List

This is how you know when the world's coolest 7 year-old girl has been using the computer. (Think I should explain the difference between "right" and "write" before she starts that first "big chapter book?")

Cold Weather Gear

He's done this before.

The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

A few weeks back I found a very clean Pendleton wool camp shirt in my size at Goodwill for around $4 so I snatched it up. Needless to say, it's fantastic. I stopped back in at the same shop last weekend and for a very brief moment thought I had doubled my luck when I saw this tag:
It's from "Address Unknown Mills" but it's 100% virgin cotton... made in Kenya... also marked XXL but hanging with the Mediums... good stuff.

December 11, 2010

Barbour Middleburn: Simple Is Good

Leslie of Archival Clothing posted a shot on twitter today of a fellow spotted wearing a Barbour Middleburn. Though not a model seen often compared to the ubiquitous Bedale and Beaufort (Orvis lists it as "NEW" -- this could be the reason) I'm completely into the simplicity of the slash pockets and the single left top pocket. According to Barbor's website the Middleburn is available in Rustic (brown) and Black (though Orvis only stocks the Rustic.) I'm putting this on the list.

December 4, 2010