October 25, 2010

Four For Fall

1940 corrected reprint of 1937 edition I picked up at the flea market
Folk Mid Brown Canvas Overcoat from Coggles
Local art.

October 21, 2010

Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot in Horween Shell Cordovan

I've been considering the 1000 Mile Boot line from Wolverine for a while now (still not sure) and just when I thought they couldn't improve the look I'm hit with this: Leffot in NYC now has this Wolverine 721 LTD model in Horween shell cordovan. Killer. I couldn't drop this kind of dough in good conscience on something that can't be driven, shot, or strummed but I'm sure somebody out there will be able to justify the price. Only 1,000 pairs of these hand-numbered boots are being made so get 'em while you can.

October 20, 2010

Can't Keep 'em Clean

This Is Fall: Good Things From Across The Pond

 Some of my favorite Fall items happen to be English-made:

A note about the Bosmere wax jacket above: Pictured is my wife's jacket but after seeing her use it for the last few years I've decided to order one for myself. I keep seeing "wax jacket roundups" (most recently over at A Trip Down South) but I have yet to see anyone mention these. Made with gardeners and equestrians in mind these jackets are really inexpensive (you won't believe it), warm, and great-looking. The "poor man's Barbour?" Perhaps, but at the price I just paid it's a no-brainer. If you are interested in these, leave a comment and I'll email you with details.

October 19, 2010


One more reason to frequent Baja Burrito in Nashville: Mexican Coke.

This Is Fall: American Outerwear

Here are a few reasons why I look forward to the cooler weather around here. Made for fall in the USA.

Pointer Brand is a staple.

I love 60/40 parkas. This Woolrich is for morning chores/dog walking.

Another 60/40. L.L. Bean really ought to bring back this classic.

Union made. First belonged to my grandfather who was a welder/farmer/fisherman/blacksmith/fiddler.

Filson waxed upland jacket (game bag attached to back.)

October 17, 2010

This Is Fall: Walden Pond

An old friend (college roommate -- yes, that kind of old friend), who is now based mostly out of Boston/Brooklyn, was in Concord, MA the other day and, at my request, began sending me pictures of what he saw. Being a bit of an American literature freak I was most interested in Walden Pond but he also threw in his breakfast at South End Buttery and the Concord fire station. If this doesn't get you in full Fall mode then not much else will. Thanks RT!

October 16, 2010

Around Town

Tennessee Indian Summer