January 20, 2011

Trap Hunting: LIFE Photos By Wallace Kirkland

Stumbled across these and had to share. I wore my 10" Bean Boots today in the snow and realized tonight that I was trying to look like these guys. I'm guessing these were taken in Maine or somewhere in Canada but I don't know for sure. Stormy Kromer hats, Maine Hunting Boots, wool plaid popovers, mackinaw cruisers, and Hudson's Bay-esque blanket coats make this one of my favorite LIFE sets.


  1. Great stuff...those were the days...but or gear today is sooooo much better it makes for a longer time afield.

  2. MLS-

    No doubt about it, function and comfort have improved and in doing so have opened the door to sporting wider today than it would be otherwise. I just wish today's gear could look more like yesterday's gear.

  3. I think a couple of these guys are neighbours of mine.