July 17, 2012

Old Long Island

I've been checking in with the Old Long Island blog for a while now. If you are at all interested in the architecture, the once incredible fortunes of the Old Money set, or historical real estate, go enjoy what Zach has to offer you in his chronicle of the grand and quickly disappearing estates of Long Island.

July 16, 2012

Burton Silverman Sails Into Forever

Nautical and/or stamp enthusiasts may be interested to know about the new Sailboat stamped "Forever" rate postcards that set sail from Oyster Bay, NY last month. The printed stamp on the card is from a Burton Silverman painting depicting a sailboat moored off Long Island Sound. The Manhattan artist says his original oil painting was based on a photograph he took over a Memorial Day weekend in 1967. Only around 20 works out of 40,000 suggestions are chosen for Forever stamps each year.

July 6, 2012

"Badges? We don't need no stinking badges..."

Continuing in the spirit of Wimbledon, I thought it would be appropriate to display my very modest collection of tennis patches, crests, and badges. (Call them whatever you prefer.) I think these are mostly from the Philadelphia area (I picked them up second-hand for some fun research.) I've never liked the idea of buying a designer blazer with a brand-related patch already on it (you know the ones) but I would certainly wear a crest for a golf, tennis, or sailing club to which I actually belonged or had some connection. Worn in the right company, something like this adds an appropriate distinction to the ubiquitous (but no less tasteful) navy blue blazer.

July 5, 2012


Sullivan's Island, SC

The Wimbledon Look

While watching coverage of the most finely outfitted of all Grand Slams (I was heartbroken over Brian Baker) I caught this fantastic blazer (with crest) + repp stripe + tattersall combo. I don't wear purple and green like this but once a year it works for these guys like Fred Stolle.