November 11, 2010

Wm. J. Mills & Co. Stonewashed Jitney Cargo Bag

The fine folks at Wm. J Mills & Co. were kind enough to send a few bags my way recently and one of them saw some action over the weekend so I thought I'd share. If you've done your homework you already know the history of Mills as a family business so I'm just going to jump right into the nuts and bolts. The Jitney is a great bag for a 3 or 4 day pack and carry solution. If you're like me you pack quickly and bulkily and you really don't need compartments in your luggage. That's why cargo bags are perfect for people like us. With the Jitney I packed easily for a weekend getaway (that included dressing for a wedding) and had no problem getting everything I needed in it. (Shirt x 2, jeans, chinos, socks x 3, chones x 3, belt, tie, sweater x 2, shoes, dopp kit.) The zipper on the "top flap" is super sturdy and the handles are a perfect length. I used the top zipper flap as an expanded section for more interior capacity but it also folds into the bag to allow the beefy snaps to close up the top. The model I have is a heavily stonewashed olive with washed navy straps. It's a really nice combination of colorways and the stonewashing gives the canvas a great distressed look and feel without a sense of being "pre-broken-in." (I don't know about you but I'm a grown up boy and I really prefer breaking my items in on my own.) Nothing precious here, just machine-washable cotton canvas, sturdy and usable. This bag was designed 20 years ago and, like all Mills bags, was sewn in Greenport, NY. Available February 2011.

I haven't taken photos with my "real" camera yet but here are a few iPhone shots taken on the go and in the hotel:
(Not pictured here is my dopp kit which also fit.)
Packed and ready to go.
 My wife took this photo because she's awesome.
Aerial view.

There are some fantastic photos of the Mills shop and factory here. The content is in Italian so if that's not your thing, enjoy the visuals.


  1. Stone washed bags...I want one! I love the navy straps! I have the teak tan ice bag and it is a fantastic! Your bag looks great with your Barbour…I did a Barbour post today. February can't come soon enough. xx

  2. Dear tide, I'll put you on distribution for info on the release. @WmJMills

  3. Wow ! Wonderful bag I love it. Specially am found of stone washed products like stone washed chinos , handbags and purses.