December 22, 2009

Ten Great Christmas Records

If you don't already have music picked out for the big day, get on the ball.  The below selections are just a taste of what will be spinning at my house this Christmas.  There's a nice mix of sacred and danceable and I've provided links to download them all.

Everybody has one.  This is mine.

What Burl is to me, Bing is to my wife.

This one makes everybody's list every year for a reason.  It gives us all hope.

You've heard him sing but have you heard him SING?

This is what it claims to be.  Every other girl singer needs to hang it up.

The Season of Light meets The Wall of Sound.

Sinatra does the sacred hymns like no other.

Once Nat Cole recorded The Christmas Song , why did anyone else bother?  Definitive.

Sometimes I need a choir of voices to remind me of the holiness of Christmas.  Shaw.

This one is just fun.


  1. I know it is not in keeping with your theme...however, Amy Grant's first Christmas album is a fantastic one. I feel it launches her near your top ten, if not right there in the midst of it.

    Also, Burl Ives always kind of scared me. I think one of his songs was in a Time-Life commercial for Christmas albums and something about him frightened me as a child. Also, I thought he might have been The Skipper from Gilligin's Island.

  2. I was going to be sorely disappointed if Bing did not make your list. Apparently Jenny & I hold similar points of view on the issue. I have an entire songlist on iTunes titled "Bing"

  3. Sarah-

    1. I can honestly say that I have never really heard the Amy Grant Christmas records that everyone raves about. 2. Ives is harmless. 3. If Alan Hale Jr. had ever recorded a Christmas record I would have found the reissue by now.


    You know that in the Sinatra vs. Bing match, Ol' Blue Eyes wins every time for me but Jenny was raised on the old man so he has become a tradition at our house.