June 4, 2010

A Week In The Lowcountry

Tomorrow, the family and I will wrap up a week of vacation on Folly Beach, SC and head back to Music City.  I've always had a thing for the Atlantic Coast and our second trip to Folly Beach has only deepened the mystique for me.  Maybe I'll post more on that this summer.

For now, I have a few recommendations for any of you who might be planning summer trips to beach locales:
I've made it a whole week on the beach in a pair of Quoddy boat shoes and these Vans Authentics.  Right.  No flip-flops.  Just practicing what I preach.  The Vans are my beach shoes (and bike riding shoes, because we spent some time cruising the shore) and the boat shoes are for the evenings when we step out.  If I can do it, anyone can.
Don't go to the beach without an L.L. Bean Boat and Tote.  These are classic canvas, still made in Maine, USA, and come in a variety of sizes and colors.  (Our family of five requires an XL...)  This is the one bag we took to the beach every day.  It fits snacks, water, towels, toys, sunscreen, and hats.  Pretty much perfect.
I can honestly say that these Birdwell Beach Britches are the best trunks I've ever owned.  For starters, there is no elastic.  They come in actual waist sizes with a velcro/lace-up front.  (Order your size plus two for a spot-on fit.)  There are plenty of colors and length options to choose from.  These are made in Santa Ana, CA (since 1961) and I ordered mine directly from the fine Family Birdwell.  The website even includes a sizing guide for women so the ladies can get in on the cool.
For this trip, I loaded up (and taped up) a Holga medium format camera.  I like to think that Holgas are cameras for people of faith because you just kind of have to trust that you're getting something good.  I'll post the good ones once I have them developed.  Obviously, we carried a digital SLR just about everywhere we went but I threw the Holga into my bike bag for some evening rides on the beach and I'm keeping my fingers crossed....

Cheerwine.  Enough said.

Enjoy being lazy on the beach but try to incorporate some scenery (and maybe a little history) into your trip.  The Morris Island Lighthouse is one of my favorite things about this area.  (And it doesn't hurt that nearby Charleston boasts the largest historic district in the nation.)  

There are other things I should probably include in this post (I could do a post on good values in shorts alone) but I'm being told we're about to walk over to the beach for one last day of fun in the Atlantic so I'll have to wrap it up.  See you back in Nashtown.


  1. Just recently returned from Hilton Head ... I have to say, with the exception of Myrtle, South Carolina has some of the best beaches in the world!


  2. I do hope you had a great time. I also love vacationing down in SC. I'm in NC. Great advice you gave in this post.

  3. Thornproof- I couldn't agree more.

    Keith- I love NC and we keep saying we're going to try OBX.

    Thanks for stopping by.