June 25, 2010

Nashville Flea

Today at lunch I headed to the fairgrounds to run recon on the June flea market.  As usual, it's mostly overpriced imported plastic, recent military surplus, newly crafted stuff made to look antique and tables and tables of tube socks.  There were a few highlights though:

Four-point Witney blanket.
I have some similar chairs.  These kinds of folding chairs always remind me of photos of Rudy Van Gelder's Blue Note sessions.
Double doubles.
Kid stuff.


  1. $40 for those lanterns is an outrage....WTF

  2. I like the double doubles.

  3. MLS- I'm pretty sure my dad still has a couple of those old Colemans sitting in his barn. Weren't worth $40 new, that's for sure. And the guy with the Witney blanket wanted $150....

  4. Any chance those chairs were swiped from Vandy. I recall a pre-graduation visit to Vandy where the grounds crew were putting out hundreds if not thousands of those, and I thought about taking a couple myself.