October 17, 2010

This Is Fall: Walden Pond

An old friend (college roommate -- yes, that kind of old friend), who is now based mostly out of Boston/Brooklyn, was in Concord, MA the other day and, at my request, began sending me pictures of what he saw. Being a bit of an American literature freak I was most interested in Walden Pond but he also threw in his breakfast at South End Buttery and the Concord fire station. If this doesn't get you in full Fall mode then not much else will. Thanks RT!


  1. Those lake and Autumn Foliage images are breathtaking!!

    Art by Karena

  2. James- I thought you might like these.

    Karena- Not bad for an iPhone, huh?

    Thanks, MH. Not sure what happened to me there.

  3. Wow. Beautiful colours. Love to go hiking there.