August 16, 2010

Found Memories: Dad's Vintage Vasques

If memory serves, the last time my dad wore these was in the mid-eighties in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  I used to love seeing pictures of that trip.  He was on active duty at Nellis Air Force Base at the time and had a few days off.  He and some of the other guys from the Oklahoma ANG spent that time camping and climbing.  I was so jealous when he got back home and I saw the pictures.  Shortly after, these boots went into storage and the last time I asked about them I was told they had been thrown away.  I got a pair of China-made Sundowners in the early nineties and have trying to wear them out since then so I knew wherever these Italian-made beauties had gotten off to they were holding up.  Last month when I was back home I found them in a rented storage building, along with a few other items that were thought to be long gone.  I've already started cleaning these up and they're looking great (I'll post the "after" pictures when I'm finished.)  Here's to found memories.


  1. Clink!

    (I hope nobody thinks I mistakenly used "found" instead of "fond." I actually intentionally used "found" since this is a case of something I had forgotten about but recovered....)

  2. These are great, but do you really want to 'refurbish them?' Stomp around for a couple days and they'll be just right. Maybe some new laces.

  3. Matt, they're pretty disgusting after being in storage for the last 20 years. And I mean funky. And not the good kind of funky. I mixed up a solution of water-diluted vinegar and started scrubbing junk off of the leather and it drastically improved them. Made them look old instead of old and toxic.