July 11, 2010

Sunday Sightings: Ford Edition

Spotted a few vehicles of note while out and about in Nashville today.  As it happens, they were all Fords.

While I was gassing up in the Woodbine area I noticed this 1979 Ford Custom with its original topper (filled with fishing rods.)  This thing was hauling a pretty nice boat and its owner was decked out in matching stars & bars t-shirt and shorts.  He and the family were packing the cooler for a day at the lake when I stopped to comment.  I don't care for those wheels but otherwise, this truck is boss.

In Berry Hill, I pulled over for this 1959 Thunderbird.  It had a couple of rear lights missing but other than that it was mint inside and out.

And finally, on the way back home I passed this duo from 1961:  a Falcon sedan and a mildly hot-rodded Ranchero.  Both in decent shape but not so slick that they would fetch top dollar (as go Falcons and Rancheros.)


  1. I salute your exceptional taste in automobiles, good sir. Did you know that I'm the proud owner of a white 1974 F-350 camper special? If you ever need to haul 10000lbs in style (and burn an irresponsible amount of gasoline in the process), I'm your man.


  2. Matt- I am now scrambling for an excuse to ride in that beast. Ever take it for burgers and beer?

  3. I would drive it to work every once in a while if not for the blessing/ curse of the antique plates. $36 for plates that NEVER require renewal! The catch? I can only legally drive on Saturdays and Sundays (or during parades, strangely). As it turns out though, burgers and beers taste much better on the weekends. So consider this an open invite, should you find yourself in Germantown and in need of such refreshment.

  4. Matt- I have been known to enjoy a dog from Zackies over in G-town now and again. You ever do Zackies?