July 29, 2010

Is there a doctor in the house?

I don't normally don't bother with soft drinks, mainly because I hate the thought of all that high fructose corn syrup.  But this Dr. Pepper is made with real Imperial Sugar and it tastes delicious.  (There's no indication on the packaging that this is part of the "Heritage" or "Throwback" movement in soda pop sweetening.)  I'm pretty sure this was bottled in Temple or Abilene, TX rather than the more famous Dublin, TX bottling plant but either way it's pretty hard to find in my neck of the woods.  I ran across this six at a Wal-Mart in Oklahoma last weekend and I'm not exaggerating when I say that it was the best Dr. Pepper I have ever tasted.  I enjoyed it at 10, 2, and 4.


  1. Dr. Pepper is running a whole retro campaign with old trade dress and real sugar. Indeed, they had reps all over Philadelphia Center City today handing it out...it is damn good...noticeably better with the real sugar.

  2. No, the Dublin DP actually says "Dublin" on it. This is either the "throwback" stuff that everybody has been pushing lately (Heritage?) or it's from one of the other TX bottlers that are now using sugar on a limited basis. I know there's one in Temple and one in Abilene. The Dublin stuff is good for sure but impossible to find outside of TX.

  3. Hi Tom,
    It's Jenny's sewing friend Dana. She and I hung out in Atlanta. Anyway. She just showed me your blog. Very cool stuff you have on here. I like seeing things from the male perspective.
    We're in Austin and there's a burger joint here called P.Terry's that has Imperial DP on their normal soda machine! It's so great. Just sitting there next to Coke and Barq's.
    Anyway, cool blog. Keep up the interesting images.

  4. Yet another reason why Austin tops my list of favorite cities. Thanks for stopping by, Dana!