April 21, 2010

From the LIFE Archives: Vintage America's Cup

The LIFE google archives continue to excite me.  These vintage America's Cup photos are enough to make me want to get a new hobby.  (I'll let you know how that goes as it develops.)


  1. These photos are absolutely amazing. I really like the second one and the last one. This is how Bermudas should be worn...and another reason to keep a flat stomach as one ages. Great sleuthing on the Life site. Thank you for your very kind words about my blog, btw. I'm happy to have discovered yours. Cheers.

  2. HTJ- Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you like the photos. My understanding is that these are photos of U.S. club trials through which a Challenger is eventually selected to race for the cup. The 2nd photo you refer to is of the officials for the race. (But I'm betting the gentleman with the white hair knows his way around a boat.)

    Cheers to you, sir!