April 27, 2010

Alfred Eisenstaedt: Summer On The Cape 1940

I was born in Plymouth, MA and spent the first bit of my life on Cape Cod until my parents decided they didn't want to deal with the tourism and left for greener pastures, so to speak.  (I'm sure there were job considerations for my father as well.)  If summers on Cape Cod then had been more like the way Alfred Eisenstaedt's photos make them appear to have been in 1940, perhaps my folks might have stuck it out (and I could have developed a wicked awesome accent.)  In any case, the photos below speak volumes.

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  1. I have come back to these images several times. I owe you a thankful comment. These are classic images of an America that probably doesn't exist anymore. It didn't seem to exist when our family would vacation on the East Coast during the summer 35+ years ago. And yet they are instantly recognizable with that part of the country. Thanks for these.