August 3, 2011

Mighty White

I picked up a pair of Spring Court sneakers on sale (around $14) at my local J. Crew a month or so back as a replacement for some Van's that are starting to look rough. The stark white is a little much for me but now that I have worn them a few times I'm starting to get used it.


  1. $14 at J. CREW? Quite a find, my local J. CREW is always

    1) made in china
    2) ridiculously expensive for made in china

  2. Kionon-

    It's hit or miss. These are cheaply made but also cheaply bought.

  3. Once you've gotten off the new white sheen and break these boys in they might just become a favorite pair of kicks.

    I own two pair in dark blue and one in gray. Same thing - came cheap.

    Not made in China, I believe France.

    Rumor on the Interwebs is that Lennon wore them in a famous photo shoot for a particular road crossing.....