June 8, 2011

J. Press Emblematic: Four Province Shield

Not very springy/summery/seersuckery/madrasy but I saw this on HTJ and realized how vacant and incomplete my neck is without the navy one. Father's Day, anyone? On sale now.

Enjoy with: Electric Light by Seamus Heaney, Dubliners by James Joyce, Anything by Yeats, a Peterson full of Rattray's Red Rapparee, (granted, that's from Scotland -- I realize there's a difference...) and a glass of Crested 10 Jameson (all of which I have at my immediate disposal.)

Extra credit reading: Ireland's Four Provinces

1 comment:

  1. Their Grasshopper tie is a real icebreaker. I wear it every Thursday night to my weekly visit to J.G. Melon's and it never fails to attract the attention of a member of the opposite sex.