April 27, 2011

Springtime In The Southland: We Do Love A Wedding

It's that time of year down here when folks like to get hitched in the out-of-doors and especially in historic locales. Saturday we were happy to make the trip just outside of Franklin to Carnton Plantaton to attend the wedding of our thoughtful and creative friends Tim and Sarah.
Classic Antebellum architecture

The backdrop for the ceremony was an ancient Osage-Orange tree.

A door on one of several outbuildings on the property.

 The battle of Franklin (fought within view of the mansion) was a devastating loss for the Confederacy and set the stage for the Battle of Nashville which would put the Army of Tennessee out of commission for the rest of the war. Wounded Confederate soldiers were carried to Carnton, which had been converted into a field hospital. Nearly 1500 Southern soldiers who died in the battle are buried here.

 Slave quarters.

This was what I would call a "navy blazer affair" (though I did see a few fellows in seersucker, pushing the season in my opinion, even on the eve before Easter.) I went with a basic white OCBD, some lightweight glen plaid trousers, a madras bowtie, and suede Aldens.  All proved perfect for enjoying a sweet ceremony followed by Memphis-style brisket under a tent. Moments like these, holy unions confirmed and celebrated in the shadows of our rich (albeit painful) history are some of the reasons I love living in the South. All in all, a lovely evening was had.


  1. Wow - what a place. I like that - a 'navy blazer affair'. Don't TM that, I may use it one day...

  2. Hi - Being a recent transplant from London, UK to the US, may I ask whether it is appropriate to leave the suit at home for a wedding? My wife also commented that your date's dress looked simple but elegant. Again, this would be a no-no in the UK but we are glad to see it works here.


  3. Sum-

    I can't speak for my wife but I go by the "Time and Location" rule. If it's outside, no matter what time it starts, I say a blazer and tie are fine but it should be seasonal material. If it's indoors but during daylight hours a seasonal blazer and tie will work as well as a suit. If it's indoors and an evening event, a dark suit/black shoes combo is probably best.

  4. GSC-

    Thanks for the post!


    As it was my wedding, I will weigh in on the attire... I was only dressed in a 3-piece grey suit, with burgundy wingtips, and button down collar. Since we had a slightly casual, outdoor wedding a blazer and tie were a perfectly fine choice. Being a good friend of The Club, I think it is acceptable to be slightly less dressed than the groom.

  5. Thanks again. I have so many questions, so few answers.


  6. You two look fantastic. Well done!