November 10, 2010

Mast General Store

I find myself in Knoxville, TN about twice a year, usually to play music. For the past few years, one of my favorite spots to hit when visiting that fine old town has been Mast General Store. Mast is one of those places where you could spend hours just looking at all the stuff. I'm normally there right before Christmas so it makes sense to stock up on old-fashioned candy and toys, games, puzzles, etc. for stockings. (Licorice Scotty dogs or Huckleberry drops anyone?) It seems like a few years ago there was a lot more American-made stuff in there but isn't that the way it goes? It's mostly imported Woolrich stuff now. The house brand socks are still made in North Carolina and there's a whole case featuring products by Colonel Littleton from Lynnville, TN. (Check the link to the right if you're a stranger to the Colonel.) They also have a whole section of Lodge cast iron cookware. Downstairs is the camping gear and all the footwear. It's almost like an REI inventory truck crashed into the gift shop of a Cracker Barrel only all the really crappy items in the Cracker Barrel (like the John Deer T-shirts and Montgomery Gentry CDs) were destroyed in the process. Yeah, it's kinda like that. Anyway, you could order from their website but if you're ever near enough to one of their locations to make the trip, I recommend it.
Men's on the left, women's on the right. Candy, toys, and cooking in the back.
 You can't tell but these were Paul Bunyan size.
 Mostly USA bandanas. Stock up.
 I stocked up on socks of all kind.

 Came home with a mixed six. Some hot, some mild.

 No Pointer Brand. Not sure why. Seems like a logical fit.
 Made in China. Wanted but did not buy.
 Col. Littleton knives. Already have one of these.

 Woolrich caps. They should carry Stormy Kromer.


  1. Wow, I'd hate to think about the amount of money
    I would spend there.

  2. Wow... Royall products - that was unexpected!

  3. Whoa. If I'm ever in Knoxville...