March 15, 2010

Open For Business: L.L. Bean Signature

Last fall L.L. Bean announced the vintage-leaning L.L. Bean Signature line for March of 2010 and subsequently launched a pretty forward-thinking PR campaign (complete with sneak peeks and limited edition pre-sales) to create a buzz so buzzing and a hype so hyped here in the blogosphere that nobody could possibly have lived up to it in my prediction.  Well today is the day and, after first glance, I'm surprised and happy to say that Bean has, in fact, lived up to the hype.  They've rolled out a line worthy of your dollar at prices that won't have you slapping the catalog down on the table in disgust while saying "Seriously? Who do they think they are?"  I found almost nothing in the men's category that I didn't like and my wife was more enthusiastic about the women's selection than I've ever seen her about something with the Bean name on it.  (She doesn't wear "mom clothes.")  Am I going to order anything?  Probably not.  Why?  Because I already pretty much dress this way.  But if I was going to do some shopping the below items would be in my cart:
Because J.Press won't sell it in stripes anymore.

This is one of several great madras options.


The belt loops are the details that sell these.

This is a classic.

A reissue. I got mine for 40 bucks last winter on ebay.

There is no escaping the Sperry.

This kind of stuff never gets old for me.

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