November 10, 2009

The Patrol

From the 1979 edition of The Official Boy Scout Handbook:  "The Scout patrol is the finest boys' club in the world.....It is a group of boys, usually six to eight, who pal together because they like to do the same kinds of things.  A patrol is a team.....All of you work toward the same goal.  All of you have a wonderful time.  In the patrol, you learn what fun it is to plan exciting things to do with some of your best hike and camp sing and laugh together homeward bound from a strenuous hike or around a flickering work together to meet the tests that will carry all of you onward and upward....."

Below are a few timeless images of the true patrol in action.  As always, thanks for joining our patrol by stopping by and checking things out.

Fowl Patrol

Hillary and Tenzing on patrol

Vodka Patrol

Coon Patrol (includes dogs)

Rascal Patrol (includes dog)

Deer Patrol (these jackets are killing)

NYC Stickball Patrol (girls not included)

All Ages Patrol (Is the cat dead?)

Shackleton Patrol

This patrol gets major extra points because of the clubhouse.

The Ulitmate Patrol

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