September 29, 2009

Belstaff® Colonial shoulder bag 556 for J.Crew

If you are a guy who has not yet come up with a good excuse to carry a man-bag, you'd better get with the program.  These days, having a satchel full of something useful on hand has become an essential part of being a well-prepared and well-heeled fellow about town.  This canvas shoulder bag made by Belstaff® of England will get your "stuff" to wherever you're going and then some.  It's a little adventurous for commuting to the office but the exterior cargo pockets make it a great carry-on option for travel. Heck, we'd even respect you if you biked to the local coffee shop with this thing to work on that screenplay you keep talking about.  If those leather straps get you like they get us you can buy it here .

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