January 11, 2011

Certified Southern Snow Day

The snow here in Nashville this week means that the affordable Bosmere Wax Jacket (Made in England) can continue to prove itself a fantastic bargain by keeping the cold and moisture out while looking super at the same time.
My wife crocheted this scarf for me a several years ago and it's one of the warmest items I have.
 I still had to go to work today so the Wm. J. Mills Laptop Carryall was at my side.
Levi's and 10" Bison Leather Bean Boots always work well together.


  1. Garden Coverall has Bosmere wax jackets on sale for 39.99 on their website .The company is located in Concord NC .

  2. I'm 5'10" and have a 40 chest 32 waist. What size of Bosmere would you suggest for a slimmer fit?

  3. The laptop bag is looking good.

  4. Thanks for the help on my other post. One more question...I'm having a hard time finding any pictures of the jacket online. Is there any chance you might post some?

  5. I bought the Bosmere jacket in a Medium and it was way too long (I wear a 39S jacket). The Small fits like a glove. I am sending the Medium to my brother who is a 40L. Should fit him really well.