August 7, 2011

Indian Madras

This has been the kind of summer that makes me appreciate lightweight fabric on short-sleeved shirts. It also makes me appreciate the fact that I have slowly been adding to my collection of old and new Indian Madras button-downs. (Don't forget, although we most often associate the word with the particular variety of plaids we see on these shirts, Madras refers first and foremost to a cotton fabric woven in India.)
From top: Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Gant, Gant, J. Press

My sons got a head start on the Madras this year (and the patch variety to boot.) The picture below is from Easter. My wife made each of them pants from men's shirts. Eat your heart out, Crewcuts.


  1. Fantastic. Adopt me please.


  2. Great blog, GSC. Would you mind my using this photograph for my website's background image?