February 27, 2011

Set For Spring: Navy Blazers, OCBDs & Bow Ties

Top left: Brooks Brothers 3/2 sack, Brooks Brothers pink OCBD, Cordial Churchman patch madras tie
Top right: Brooks Brothers 3/2 sack, J. Press white flap pocket OCBD, J. Press madras tie
Bottom: Southwick 3/2 sack, J. Press blue flap pocket OCBD, Brooks Brothers tie

*I don't recommend looking quite this rumpled in public.


  1. Good combos....shirts look like they need a better pressing though...if I may say so...

  2. Rumpled is historically correct for the Washington Economist/Liberal Arts Professor look.

  3. I have never had the guts to wear a bow tie. I like 'em, but I just don't think I'd look natural. Some guys are bow tie guys, I suppose.

  4. MLS - Or any pressing. The blue one went to church today after a good ironing.

    Schorsch - Welcome to my fantasy.

    RP - You know how to look natural doing anything? Do it without hesitation for a few years.

    SR - Thanks!

    JRS - You probably have a watch strap (or two) to go with each of these combos. I'd better get on that.

  5. That last combo is just fantastic. That's the bow tie for me.

  6. SR - I wore that combo today actually. It works.

  7. Always loved the John Houseman, Archibald Cox look! not everybody can carry it off...you did it.
    Do it the old fashion way...Wear it!

  8. Time to update your posts, or your going to loose a frequent visitor...lol

  9. I sort of lost my gleam for Brooks Brother after a very long relationship. I started up with Pierrepont Hicks and a few others last year. I love PH. I wear a bow all the time so they need to wear, not pill, and not loose stitching.
    I love the look of a bow tie. It is dressy and fun. I have never met a dullard wearing a bow tie.....you can take that to the bank.

  10. Tom-

    I have one of the PPH bows and I agree it's a fine tie.