September 9, 2010

Shooting Sweater Shootout

This isn't really a shootout in the "test them side-by-side" sense because the only one I own is the Barbour and it's really more of a "sportman's sweater" if we're getting technical.  Finding a real shooting sweater these days is becoming rather difficult.  Filson seems to be discontinuing the Waterfowl Sweater although I have found a few online retailers who are still selling them.  I guess Filson's too busy making trucker jackets to make the clothes that they're famous for.  Maybe they'll get one going in a China factory like the rest of their line.  (End rant.)

I'm interested in the Brenire from Stafford's.  I only just found out about them through an Archival Clothing post on Twitter but they look good and they're knitted in Scotland.  Purdey is probably great and I love the contrast of the brown patches on green.  The Three Forks is fantastic looking but it's impossible to find except for the occasional ebay auction.  The Cabela's looks functional if not a little generic.  I hear nothing good about Boyt's quality as of late.

Anybody out there have a favorite they want to share? I'm all ears.


  1. I own the second from top..the Cabela's it...warm and functional and a great fit. I want the Filson as well..but cannot justify the cost.

  2. The Barbour that you have pictured is ok, it's no better then the similar sweater from LL Bean. The good barbour is the one they call the storm half zip. you can lay in a puddle and stay warm in that one.
    I'd love to give that Purdey one a shot