April 24, 2010

Good Mail: The Cordial Churchman

Like a lot of guys these days, I enjoy getting a little dressed up in a traditional sense.  I look for excuses to wear items that feel traditional and time-honored but I don't want to look like the average politician or someone who sells stuff for a living.  Last Fall at my place of employment, I started something called "Ties on Tuesday" and I was honestly surprised at how many fellows actually responded to the invitation to wear a tie to the job one day a week, sort of as the antithesis of "casual Friday."  Some guys wear crazy looking ties.  Some wear vintage ties.  Some like to rock the wool tartans, even now that it's Spring.  It all works because people are doing things they're comfortable with.  I tend to like bow ties.  I don't wear them exclusively but I wear them often.  I don't remember how I stumbled across The Cordial Churchman but when I did I was instantly impressed with the selection and I knew I had to have one.  As luck would have it, my wife got the hint and the week of my birthday, lo and behold, I received a cotton patch madras model in the mail.
No mistaking what's in this envelope.

A handwritten note from Ellie Laveer, who makes each tie by hand. (And the seersucker is such a nice touch.  I'm a sucker for presentation.)

A fantastic choice of colors in a butterfly cut without being predictable.

In action, paired with a rumpled and frayed Brooks shirt, worn by a bum who needs a shave.

The quality on this tie is on par with my J. Press and Brooks bow ties and it was about half the price of either of those.  The stitching is great and it ties easily.  There are no size markings but adjustment wasn't difficult; I just matched it up with one of my other ties and got a great fit.  I will definitely be ordering more of these.  Ellie also converts long ties into bow ties so if you have a pattern you like but maybe the width is out of date, send it over to her and let her turn it into something that will make your neck more handsome.  Bottom line:  The Cordial Churchman is a fantastic value and whether you wear bow ties or you're considering a first bow tie you owe it to yourself to go order one now.


  1. I enjoyed reading your post here. Ellie is my lovely and talented daughter-in-love. She is truly amazing.

  2. Great review! Handsome model too.