September 24, 2009

Filson Wool Tweed Clays Coat

There was a time when we began to lose faith in C.C. Filson of Seattle, WA. Recent collections of imported "casual wear" have had us wondering whether the legendary American tradition of rugged clothing for the out-of-doors might be bound for the archives.  The Wool Tweed Clays Coat has won us back.

This is such a good looking piece of USA-made clothing.  A coat specifically designed with recreational shotgun sports in mind is the kind of outerwear that best embodies the spirit of the GSC. That's 21 oz. 100% Wool Tweed and those shoulder patches are Pig Suede (with padding for the right-handed or left-handed shooter, no less, and pockets to insert extra recoil pads.)  Is it too speculative of us to say that Hemingway would wear this coat, were he alive today?  Shop the entire hunting and shooting collection here.

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